Enough is enough for many of our Easttown Republican friends and neighbors. If you’re wondering if other Republicans are having second thoughts, check out these Republican groups and individuals who are actively working hard to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden.

43 Alumni for Biden – Group of alumni who served President Bush, and other Republican presidents, governors, and Members of Congress, who support Joe Biden for President.

Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) – A group founded by long time Republican operatives. Read and watch the many stories from Republicans across the county who will not be voting for Trump.

The Lincoln Project – The Lincoln Project is an American political action committee formed in late 2019 by several prominent Republicans and former Republicans. The goal of the committee is to prevent the reelection of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election and defeat his supporters in the U.S. Senate.

Top Republican National Security Officials Say They Will Vote for Biden – “We are former national security officials who served during the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and/or Donald Trump, or as Republican Members of Congress. We are profoundly concerned about the course of our nation under the leadership of Donald Trump. Through his actions and his rhetoric, Trump has demonstrated that he lacks the character and competence to lead this nation and has engaged in corrupt behavior that renders him unfit to serve as President. For the following reasons, we have concluded that Donald Trump has failed our country and that Vice President Joe Biden should be elected the next President of the United States…” Read Entire Statment

I am a special education teacher and lifelong Republican who reluctantly voted for Donald Trump in 2016 as the less bad of two bad choices. When the pandemic hit, the incompetence of the man for whom I had voted and the complicity of everyone around him forced me to admit that I could no longer maintain any kind of self-respect as a Republican. So even though I had voted Republican in every presidential election since 1976, I changed my voter registration to independent and I will be voting for Joe Biden in November…Read more by Nancy Shively, USA Today

And I’ll remind you I’m not a screaming liberal. I am a suburban housewife and former life-long Republican. I am also a woman with a brain who definitely resents the crap out of men who are sexist pigs and talk down to us. Or anyone.” Read more from a post by a Chester County Mainline Resident; Rantings of a suburban housewife: getting political and really don’t care!

Check out the Republican for Biden twitter page with over  33,000 followers! Here are several recent quotes:

Trump is the most embarrassing and scary person we’ve ever had in charge…” Leslyn

My deepest life regret was that vote. I woke up when he started putting kids in cages. Never again…” Robin

“I am a Reagan conservative. I will vote for Joe Biden. 2 of my kids will vote for him, as well. Along with a grand-daughter and her boyfriend. I’m working on some others…” Suzi

My father and sisters have been lifelong Republicans, and will all be voting for @JoeBiden in 2020. Why? Are you kidding me? Country over party. Class and intelligence over corruption and ignorance. It shouldn’t be so hard for people…” Matt

Conservative Republican. Now, I’m a Biden supporter. I can’t even wrap my head around the damage Trump has done in 3.5 years. He is without a doubt the worst president in American History…” Kathleen

Republican Voters Against Trump Video
"It's OK to Change Your Mind. We Did."

The Lincoln Project Video
"The Trump Virus has robbed us of moments and memories"

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