Help Us Fight Truth Decay! Misleading Republican Mailer Being Distributed

Help Us Fight Truth Decay! Misleading Republican Mailer Being Distributed

In a fundraising letter to local Republican voters this week, the Tredyffrin-Easttown Republicans have sadly followed the model of Washington Republicans by spreading false information about one of the candidates running for TE School Board. The letter reported that Sue Tiede, longtime District resident and former Principal of Devon Elementary, is currently being compensated by the District and others and that she is a former union member. Simply not true!

Below are excerpts from the letter followed by the true facts:

MISLEADING REPUBLICAN LETTER:  Sue Tiede “currently receives direct compensation from the school district itself, one of the district’s largest vendors and the district’s legal counsel”.
THE TRUTH:  During her retirement Sue has been asked to be an educational consultant to several other school districts and TESD. She has also worked as a substitute principal. Since becoming a candidate for the school board she has discontinued her work both as a substitute principal and as a consultant. She has not done any work for other districts since June of 2018.

MISLEADING REPUBLICAN LETTER: Sue Tiede is a “former union member”.
THE TRUTH: Sue has never been a member of the TE Teacher’s Union (TEEA). Administrators in Pennsylvania are not permitted to form a union.

Help us spread the truth by sharing this information with voters!

Vote Sue Tiede for School Board on November 5th. Learn more about Sue Tiede.

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