Please support and vote for the following Democratic candidates on November 3rd. You will be voting for President of the United States, Representative to the US House of Representatives, Pennsylvania Attorney General, Pennsylvania Auditor General, Pennsylvania Treasurer, and Pennsylvania State Representative. There are no county, township or school board elections in 2020.   


Represents Pennsylvania Congressional District 6 which includes Easttown Township, all of Chester County and southeastern Berks County. 

CHRISSY HOULAHAN (Incumbent) – Chrissy earned her engineering degree from Stanford with a ROTC scholarship and received her M.S. in Technology and Policy from MIT. She served three years active duty as a Captain in the US Air Force, and 13 years in the Reserves. Then she became Chief Operating office of the sportswear company AND1. She was founding COO of B-Lab (a nonprofit that promotes B Corporations and good business practices) and President and COO/CFO for Springboard Collaborative (a Philadelphia-based nonprofit focused on improving early childhood literacy in underserved communities). She was first elected to the PA-06 seat in November 2018 by a margin of 18%. In the House of Representatives, she serves on the Committees on Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs, and Small Business.

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The Attorney General of Pennsylvania is an elected constitutional office in the executive branch of the Pennsylvania state government. He or she serves as the chief law enforcement officer of Pennsylvania and represents the state and its agencies in any action brought by or against them. Additionally, the attorney general is responsible for collecting all debts, taxes and accounts due to the state. The attorney general serves as a member of boards and commissions, including the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, the Board of Pardons, the Board of Finance and Revenue, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission and the Mid-Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network. The attorney general is popularly elected in presidential election years and cannot serve more than two consecutive terms in office.

JOSH SHAPIRO (Incumbent) – Josh Shapiro was sworn in on January 17, 2017, as Pennsylvania’s top lawyer and chief law enforcement officer with a mandate to ensure integrity and be the people’s Attorney General. Some of his top priorities include protecting seniors, veterans, small businesses and consumers from scams and fraud; implementing a comprehensive integrity agenda to ensure people from across the Commonwealth are heard and have faith in the justice system; and directing an aggressive fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic, including treatment for those suffering from addiction. As the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, his work on behalf of victims and for criminal justice reform earned him the trust of law enforcement leaders from across the ideological spectrum. Earlier, as Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners Josh led an historic fiscal turnaround, helped the first LGBT couples in Pennsylvania marry, protected voting rights and fired Wall Street money managers to protect pensions and save retirees millions. As State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 153rd House District he passed some of the toughest ethics laws in state history. Josh graduated magna cum laude from the University of Rochester and earned his law degree at night from Georgetown University Law Center, and was in private practice for over a decade. Josh was raised in Montgomery County, where he met his high school sweetheart, Lori, and where they are raising their four children.

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The treasurer is the chief financial officer of the government, responsible for managing the commonwealth’s money and serving as Pennsylvania’s banker.

JOE TORSELLA (Incumbent) – Joseph M. Torsella was elected the 77th treasurer of Pennsylvania in 2016. He oversees an office of 360 employees protecting nearly $100 billion in state assets and safeguarding the financial health of the state. From 2011-2014 as the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, for budget and management reform, he advocated for budget restraint and transparency, including webcasting of UN meetings and publication of audits. He also served as chair of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education and was the founding president and CEO of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, a non-profit museum and education complex. He raised $185 million in private and public funds, allowing the Center to open in 2003. His tenure at the National Constitution Center has been described by the Philadelphia Inquirer as a “resounding success” by a “modern-day founding father.” As Philadelphia’s deputy mayor for policy and planning under then-Mayor Ed Rendell in the early 1990s, Torsella helped develop initiatives to resolve the city’s $1.25 billion deficit in “one of the most stunning turnarounds in the nation,” as stated by the New York Times. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in economics and history, and studied American History at New College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar.

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The auditor general serves as the commonwealth’s fiscal watchdog, ensuring that all state money is spent legally and properly. There are four candidates. 

Nina Ahmad – Nina Ahmad is a scientist, women’s rights advocate, and first-generation-Bangladeshi American. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and achieved success as a molecular biologist and entrepreneur. In addition to her professional life, Nina has been a successful civic leader who takes on big fights and wins. As president of the Philadelphia National Organization for Women (NOW), Nina led a fight against the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office when it refused to fire three prosecutors who had emailed degrading pornographic images. She has led important efforts to fight workplace discrimination and harassment that economically undermine women and people of color. As one of the few women of color to serve on the board of the Philadelphia Foundation, Nina has helped raise millions of dollars for local nonprofits that improve the quality of life for working and poor families. 

Nina has served as Deputy Mayor for Public Engagement under Mayor Jim Kenney, overseeing the Commission for Women, the Office of Black Male Engagement, and the Youth Commission and worked closely with the office of LGBT Affairs. She has also served on President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and on Mayor Nutter’s Commission on Asian American Affairs. Nina and her husband Ahsan have lived in Philadelphia for over 30 years. They raised their two daughters, Joya and Priya, to share in the values of community and service that they hold dear.

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Represents District 167 which includes Easttown Township. 

KRISTINE HOWARD (Incumbent) – Kristine is a forward thinker from Malvern who is in tune with the needs of her neighbors. As a devoted single mother of seven, three still attending public schools, she focuses on the principle to put children first and work constantly to ensure their safety. She used her degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Rutgers Law School to run a small legal and social services organization in New Mexico, before returning to Pennsylvania and joining the Philadelphia Lawyers for the Arts as an advocate for youth in foster care. She eventually joined the Chester County Department of Children, Youth, and Family services to investigate child abuse. Kristine understands quality schools are critical in laying the groundwork for a successful future. This fuels her fight to improve state programs and funding to offer quality education, healthcare, and career opportunities for all, including two-income families and single mothers, whose life challenges she shares. She is dedicated to creating solutions to the problems faced by all Chester County families. Kristine was first elected to this seat in November 2018. She serves on the PA House Committees on Children & Youth, Finance, and Human Services, and is a member of the Climate, PA SAFE (gun violence) and Women’s Health Caucuses.

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