June Monthly Meeting

7:30 Thursday, June 21, 2018
Easttown Township Municipal Building
566 Beaumont Road, Devon

Please join us to plan on our important election season so we can support all the excellent Democratic candidates!

All registered Democrats of Easttown welcome. Please note that the Easttown Township building is ADA-compliant for those with mobility issues.



You Can Help: 2018 Primary Election

One of the highlights of the election season, the Pennsylvania Primary is almost upon us. In the primary election, Democrats seek the votes of registered Democrats; the winner will face the Republican (plus any third party candidates) in the fall general election.The primary is really the dress rehearsal for the general election!

We would love your help! If you would like to volunteer to greet and assist voters at a local Easttown polling place, please email EasttownDemocrats at gmail dot com with your available hours, your mobile number, and your address, and we will put you to work!

Contested Primary!

Democrats of Easttown, we have a primary next week: Tuesday, May 15 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

We are proud to share an exceptionally fine slate of candidates, and we’d like to point out that you have choices in two key races for the Pennsylvania Legislature. For the State House, Kristine Howard and Jeff McFall are running. For the State Senate, Tanner Rouse and Tim Kearney are seeking your vote in the primary. Each successful candidate will face the Republican incumbent in the fall.




U.S. Senate Candidate (vote for one)   


Gubernatorial Candidate (vote for one)


Lieutenant Governor Candidates (vote for one)

  • Kathi Cozzone Endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee, Kathi was sworn in as Chester County Commissioner on January 6, 2008 and re-elected to office on November 8, 2011 and November 3rd, 2015. She has served as Vice Chair of the Board since 2011. Her most recent role in the private sector was a Corporate Business manager at Rodale Inc. in Emmaus, PA. In 2010, she graduated from the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania’s Academy for Excellence in County Government. In 2017, she was elected First Vice President of CCAP, after having served as Second Vice President the preceding year. Kathi on Facebook  |   Kathi on Twitter


  • Nina Ahmad is a scientist, women’s rights advocate, and first-generation Bangladeshi American. She is running as the progressive voice that Pennsylvania needs to take on Donald Trump. Nina came to United States at twenty-one. She earned her PhD from UPenn and achieved success as a molecular biologist and entrepreneur. As President of Philadelphia NOW, Nina led a fight to fire three DA’s officer prosecutors who e-mailed pornographic images. She has fought workplace discrimination and harassment that undermines women and people of color. Nina was an organizer for Howard Dean’s insurgent presidential campaign in 2004 and a national delegate for Barack Obama. She has recruited and trained candidates to run as local committee people. She has served as Deputy Mayor for Public Engagement under Mayor Jim Kenney, overseeing the Commission for Women, the Office of Black Male Engagement, and the Youth Commission. Nina and her husband have lived in Pennsylvania for over 30 years and have two daughters. Nina on Facebook  |  Nina on Twitter


  • Mike Stack, incumbent Lieutenant Governor, served four terms in the State Senate representing the 5th district in Northeast Philadelphia, and was the Democratic Chair of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. He is a graduate of LaSalle College High School and LaSalle University and earned his law degree from Villanova University Law School in 1992. He has been a Fellow of The University of Pennsylvania Leadership Academy of the Fels Institute of Government, member of the Board of Trustees of Temple University and of the Holocaust Awareness Museum, and member of the Board of Directors of Self-Help Movement Inc. He is a member of the Democratic State Committee. Mike was elected as Lieutenant governor in 2014. Mike on Facebook  |   Mike on Twitter


  • John Fetterman grew up in York and attended Albright College, where he played on the football team. In the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, mentoring a boy whose parents died of AIDS motivated John to join AmeriCorps, serving in Pittsburgh’s historic Hill District. He earned a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, then started a GED program in Braddock PA. In 2005, encouraged by his students, John ran successfully for mayor of Braddock. As mayor, John has applied a hands-on approach to rebuild his community and attract new residents and jobs. In 2016, he ran for U.S. Senate to champion all struggling towns. An outsider, he earned 20% of the vote in a 4-way primary, emerging as a progressive voice for working people on issues like inequality, racial justice, and ending the failed war on drugs. John on Facebook  |  John on Twitter


  • Ray Sosa has over 20 years of experience in the private sector providing support and advice to big and small companies, and he wants to use that experience to create a more efficient and effective government in Pennsylvania. For too long, the powers and resources of the Lieutenant Governor’s office have been underutilized, and even though Ray is a political outsider, he is uniquely qualified to serve in these positions because Ray was appointed by three different U.S. Governors to lead districts in coordinating Emergency Management and Response; Ray was Chairman of the Governor’s Human Rights Advocacy Committee for 10 years, fighting for hospitals, juveniles justice centers, foster care homes, and nursing homes; For 10 years, Ray provided legislative policy support for three governors. Ray wants to bring the spirit of statesmanship back to Pennsylvania, so that every Pennsylvanian can be confident that we are working tirelessly for them. Ray on Twitter


U.S. Congress (vote for one)

  • Chrissy Houlahan (unopposed) Endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee, Chrissy earned her engineering degree from Stanford with a ROTC scholarship and received her M.S. in Technology and Policy from MIT. She served three years active duty as a Captain in the US Air Force, and 13 years in the Reserves. She was founding COO of B-Lab (a nonprofit that promotes B Corporations and good business practices) and President and COO/CFO for Springboard Collaborative (a Philadelphia-based nonprofit focused on improving early childhood literacy in underserved communities country-wide).


PA State Senate (vote for one)

  • Tanner Rouse Endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee, Tanner served in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney for 7 years. Growing up in Phoenixville with his 7 siblings, Tanner was taught about the importance of giving back to his community from a young age. Tanner lives in Upper Providence with his wife and one-year- old son, Will. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he volunteered for campaigns in his free time, and a J.D. from Fordham University Law School, where he worked in the Urban Policy Clinic. He is running for office to create a more collaborative, more transparent government that seeks out real solutions for real people. Tanner on Facebook  |  Tanner on Twitter


  • Tim Kearney is an architect, adjunct professor, and mayor of Swarthmore. Tim is a long-time resident of the 26th district where he raised his public school-educated kids with his wife and small business partner, Claudia Cueto. Tim has been working as a community leader and problem solver on issues that affect every Pennsylvanian. A lifelong progressive Democrat, he believes that every child in Pennsylvania, no matter their zip code, deserves a first-class public education. As State Senator, he’ll make sure that out-of-state corporations and special interests pay their fair share, and will stand up to Republicans who keep balancing the state budget on the backs of Pennsylvania’s working and middle class. Mayor Tim’s outrage over Republican legislators’ eagerness to sacrifice Pennsylvania’s
    magnificent natural resources in service to industry greed also drives his campaign. Tim will fight special interests to make sure every Pennsylvanian has clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. Tim on Facebook  |  Tim on Twitter


PA State House (vote for one)

  • Kristine Howard Endorsed by the Chester County Democratic Committee, Kristine spent most of the last decade working for progressive candidates and serving as a Democratic committeeperson from Malvern while balancing the responsibilities of work and single-mother parenting. She was raised in a New Jersey family that valued service and education. After working her way through UPenn and law school at Rutgers in Camden, she married and spent five years in New Mexico, where she ran a small legal and social services organization while her family grew. After returning to Pennsylvania, she focused on raising her three boys and four girls while working for Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and acting as an advocate for children in foster care. She now works for the County investigating child abuse cases. Her experiences as a social worker, mother and political activist came together in her decision to run for State Representative. Kristine on Facebook


  • Jeff McFall wishes to be a new voice in Harrisburg, that addresses immediate needs while providing vision for the future of our Commonwealth, a representative to speak up regarding the very real issues we face on a day to day basis, as well as planning for future generations. The $1.5 billion budget shortfall costs us all, young and old, working and retired. The cost of healthcare continues to be an issue we all wrestle with daily. Jeff’s family saw their monthly premiums increase over 20% and co-pays increase by as much as 100%, while overall benefits were significantly decreased. And PA families are impacted every day by our public schools: we must address funding to expand early childhood education, transportation for after-school activities, and taking care of the teachers who help shape the next generation. Jeff on Facebook  |  Jeff on Twitter


STATE DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE – sign up to four petitions for men AND up to four petitions for women;vote for up to four candidates apiece.

Women (Vote for up to four)

  • Elva Bankins, committeeperson
  • Barbara (Bunny) Cooper, committeeperson and incumbent state committee member
  • Lani Frank, CCDC vice chair, committeeperson and incumbent state committee member
  • Mary LaSota, committeeperson, elected township supervisor
  • Lisa Longo, Phoenixville committeeperson, CCDC Treasurer
  • Stephanie McLimans, committeeperson and incumbent state committee member
  • Diane O’Dwyer, committeeperson and zone leader
  • Deb Sulenski, committeeperson
  • Michele Vaughn, committeeperson, past CCDC chair, past elected East Whiteland township supervisor

Men (Vote for up to four)

  • John Hellman, committeeperson
  • Kevin Houghton, committeeperson
  • Chris Kowerdovich, commiteeperson
  • Dennis McAndrews, committeeperson
  • David McLimans, committeeperson, incumbent state committee member
  • Chris Pielli, committeeperson, incumbent state committee member
  • Bill Scott, committeeperson, past West Chester Borough council member, incumbent state committee member
  • Alex Teplyakov, committeeperson
  • Hans van Mol, committeeperson, incumbent state committee member