IMPORTANT CHANGE: New Petition Training Date


It has been so exciting being part of the groundswell of support for Democratic candidates and causes over the last year. Many newly active Democrats would like to step up their game and do more. Here is a terrific way to do more: circulate nominating petitions!

Nominating petitions are circulated every year as both a formality and as a small part of the vetting process. Essentially, signers are saying “I, a registered Democrat in this candidate’s district, would like this candidate to appear on the primary ballot.” Each candidates is required to get a certain number of signatures in order to appear on the ballot. The higher the office, the more signatures are required. Gathering petition signatures is the first and most basic hurdle of running for office.

Every candidate running for office needs helpers to circulate petitions for them! This year, we are fortunate enough to have an incredible slate of candidates seeking elected office, and you can help them!

Here’s a list of the candidates who need your assistance getting ballot petition signatures:

  • every Easttown committeeperson
  • both candidates for state rep: Kristine Howard and Jeff McFall
  • both candidates for state senator: Tim Kearney and Tanner Rouse
  • candidate for congress in PA06: Chrissy Houlahan (pending redistricting)
  • candidate and incumbent for U.S. Senate, Sen. Bob Casey
  • candidate and incumbent for PA Governor, Gov. Tom Wolf
  • all the candidates for PA Lt. Gov: incumbent Mike Stack and challengers Aryanna Berringer, Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, State Rep. Madeleine Dean, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, and Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman.

Please join us at the training, when we’ll go over the nitpicky rules about petition circulation, and give you all the tools to participate in this cornerstone of campaigning!

7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 15, 2018


Easttown Township Municipal Building, 566 Beaumont Road, Devon

No pre-registration is required, but if possible, please email ahead of time so we’ll have enough petitions.Thank you!

Blue Wave 2018 and You

You marched (or wanted to).

You called (or meant to).

You got really, really mad at your enabling Republican friends.

You don’t think Democrats are perfection, either.

… What now?

Something on the order of 90% of politics is who’s in the room. That means if you’re not, then the status quo will grind on without you. That means your talent, your experience, your opinion will have exactly –no– impact.

We are at a historic moment. Consider:

  • Locally, Democratic registration has been increasing. Easttown now has the highest number of Democratic voters in generations, 2886 to 3871, with 1283 mostly Democrat-leaning nonpartisan voters. Township Democratic turnout is also up, though still not high enough.
  • Chester County has a historic high level of Democrats registered: 38% to the Republicans’ 44%, with 17% mostly Democratic-leaning independent voters.
  • There is a historically offensive, ignorant, and terrifyingly unstable president. Voters across the political spectrum are rightly outraged. His party thoroughly dominates both houses of Congress and of the Pennsylvania state legislature. Together, they’re so incompetent, they’ve managed to shut down the federal government, disrupt trade and most institutions of the executive branch, and destablize our relationship with North Korea as well as with longstanding allies.
  • In reaction, there’s a historic number of qualified Democrats stepping forward to oppose Trumpism at every level of government.

For all of these reasons, we need you. Now is not a moment to “fight the good fight” knowing it probably won’t work. We’re done with that. 2018 is different. In 2017, four amazing Democratic women candidates won every single Chester County row office on the ballot. In Easttown, two Democratic women won two out of two of our school board seats. This year is historic. This is our time!

What can you do to help achieve this #bluewave18? I’m so glad you asked.

  1. VOTE NO MATTER WHAT. Turnout remains important and a challenge for Democrats in non-presidential election years. Make your friends vote Tuesday, November 6, and every election. ACTION: Put 11/6/2018 into your calendar immediately and keep reading here so you know who to vote for.
  2. Run for Democratic committeeperson. Committeepeople are the backbone of the party! Do all the tremendous activism you’ve already been doing, and learn how to do it better. Have a seat at the table and a vote on how your local and county party will continue. ACTION: Email to get your Committee Person Guide.
  3. Be a block captain! Help out with voters in your neighborhood in campaigns, elections, primaries, and other important political efforts. ACTION: Email to get your Block Captain Guide.
  4. Offer your specialized professional (including students/interns) skills in: web design, graphics, animation, voiceovers, camera work, creating white papers for candidates. We have recurring need at the township and county levels and can work with your schedule. ACTION: PM EasttownDems on FB or Twitter with a sentence or two about your skill set and contact info to be added to the new Slack channel for creatives.
  5. Help circulate petitions for candidates! This grassroots task is one of the first hurdles for a candidate: gather signatures from registered Democrats to qualify for the primary ballot. No candidate can do it alone, and that’s why they need you! ACTION: Email with your street address and any special notes to be added to the list for the big 2018 Petition Drive!
  6. Join the ETDC Municipal Govt Task Force! We need folks to regularly attend public meetings. We need volunteers to observe every local government meeting (of a given type), and share your impressions with the committee. We need regular attendees at the following recurring meetings:
      1. Tredyffrin-Easttown School Board
      2. Easttown Township Board of Supervisors
      3. Easttown Board of Auditors
      4. Easttown Citizen Advisory Committee
      5. Easttown Historical Commission
      6. Easttown Library Board of Trustees
      7. Easttown Library Foundation
      8. Easttown Municipal Authority
      9. Easttown Parks & Recreation
      10. Easttown Planning Commission
      11. Easttown Vacancy Board
      12. Easttown Zoning Hearing Board

    ACTION: Email to advise us of your interest. Please include contact info, preference for which commission/board.

  7. Host a neighborhood coffee. Yes, as 1950s as it sound, we still do that — and what’s more, it still works! Neighborhood coffees are still the way candidates meet real people, and your friends and neighbors meet the candidates. Of course, you put your own personal spin on the entertainment. Maybe your style is more wine and cheese. Maybe it’s fingerpainting and hot chocolate. Maybe it’s a tailgate and Milk-Bones. If you build it, candidates will come. And the Easttown Democrats will help you with organizing, lists, and whatever you need to build your event.
    ACTION: Email to let us know of your plans. Include as much as you know already about what candidate(s) you’d like to host, and your available dates.
  8. Get social! Social media remains an important way to connect and share important, timely local political news. Please follow the Easttown Democrats and share with other supporters. The greater our reach online, the faster we can move on time-sensitive matters and the less we need to spend on mailings.
    ACTION: We trust you know what to do here. Thanks!
  9. Please give; contributions of every size appreciated. In the wide world of Democratic party entities, of course your own local party is the smallest and the only one connected with the intensely local issues that affect your life the most. Giving to your local party, made up of all volunteers like yourself, will create the most impact and the most change with no administrative waste or fluff. Many, many people care but can’t offer a few hours a week or month — if you can contribute a little cash to reach more people, it will be money well spent. The 2017 election proved that Democrats can win at the local level. Please help us push back on Trumpism here at home and create the pipeline to higher office that we need in Pennsylvania and beyond.
    ACTION: Simply click on the link and donate online or by mailing a check of any size. Thank you!
  10. Small, simple, local, vital: Come to our next meeting! Running a local party is plenty of work, and we need everyone’s contribution to make 2018 the #BlueWave we want and need it to be. Come meet other Easttown residents who are committed to fighting Trumpism at local level and join in! Our next meeting is at 7:30, Thursday, February 15, 2018, at the Easttown Township Municipal Building, 566 Beaumont Road, Devon. We hope to meet you and to work together to achieve a historic Blue Wave 2018 across Easttown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, and the nation. Let’s do this!

Supervisors Appoint Karl Romberger, Jr.

A giant thank you to all the supporters who signed the petition, shared, attended meetings, made calls, spoke out, wrote letters, and asked the supervisors of Easttown to listen to voters and appoint Michael Wacey to the open seat on the board of supervisors.

The supervisors chose not to listen, and instead the all-Republican board appointed one of their own in a move so ham-handed and antidemocratic, it would be dismissed as a too on-the-nose plot twist in any movie intended for an adult audience.

A record number of Easttown residents turned up at the meeting to support Wacey, to the evident surprise and discomfort of the all Republican board. Residents asked some very pointed questions and expressed dismay at the board’s choice.

If you are disappointed and angry about the supervisors’ refusal to be held accountable to 1,396 voters and the hundreds of petition signers, now is the time to get in the game. Please come to our next meeting, February 22, and help us work toward the #BlueWave2018.

FEBRUARY MEETING CHANGE — NOW back to the usual time

Fresh off marching to fight Trumpism? Ready to plan for the giant 2018 blue wave? Looking to serve in your own community? Please join us at the February monthly meeting.

February Monthly Meeting & Petition Training

third Thursday of February
7:30 Thursday, February 15, 2018
Easttown Township Municipal Building
566 Beaumont Road, Devon, PA 19333

We apologize for any confusion because of the change of dates. We are responding to the ripple of direct and indirect changes required by the PA Supreme Court’s order for new congressional district maps. It’s a little more work and honestly quite strange (usually these deadlines are inviolable), but eradicating gerrymandering makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for understanding and hope to see you at the meeting!

January Monthly Meeting

We know you have a lot of creative outrage stored up from over the holidays and snow days, so please come share it -constructively- at our next meeting!

7:00 p.m. Thursday, January 18, 2017
Easttown Township Municipal Building
566 Beaumont Road, Devon
At intersection with Newtown Road, across from Beaumont Elementary School.
All registered Democrats of Easttown welcome!