July Monthly Meeting


Hourly scandals, bad faith, and ineptitude from the Republicans and their president have more Democrats energized and active than ever. We’re working together to take advantage of this historic opportunity. 

Join your local allies to work on turning the township, the county, the state, and the country blue!

All registered Democrats of Easttown are invited to attend our monthly meeting, held every third Thursday at the township building. Join us! 

7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 20, 2017
Easttown Township Municipal Building
566 Beaumont Road, Devon, PA 19333

June Monthly Meeting

You marched, you called, you faxed, you ground your teeth, you yelled at your television, you ranted to your friends. We know: we have, too.

What’s the single best way to push back on the embarassment that is the Trump administration? Engaging at the local level. Help your party. Meet and assist local candidates. Grow your skills. Be on the inside track of the Democratic goings-on right in your own neighborhood. 

All registered Democrats of Easttown are invited to attend our monthly meeting, held every third Thursday at the township building. Join us! 

7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 15, 2017
Easttown Township Municipal Building
566 Beaumont Road, Devon, PA 19333

2017 Pennsylvania Primary Election

Please do not fail to vote in tomorrow’s primary! Turn-out really matters in this primary. Read on to learn why & learn about a few exciting last-minute developments! 


Easttown 7 voters (north of Lancaster Avenue), please note that Devon Manor is under demolition, so we will vote at Devon Elementary School on the corner of Sugartown and South Fairfield Roads. All other Easttown polling places remain the same. 


We are pleased to announce our two write-in candidates, Evans Pancoast for Easttown TownshipTax Collector, and Sean Axel for Easttown Township Auditor

Very important: you must darken the oval in front of each write-in or it won’t count. See? All those standardized tests weren’t for nothing! 

  • Sean Axel for Easttown Auditor
  • Evans Pancoast for Easttown Tax Collector


Please note that there is cross-filing on our ballots! Cross-filing occurs when candidates of both parties appear on both the Democratic and Republican ballots for certain offices. In the primary, judicial candidates and school board candidates can be from either party. Cross-filing is meant to reflect a less-partisan role, but it can make it confusing for voters.

The candidates who receive the top vote totals will appear on the ballot in the fall, regardless of party. It is vitally important to vote for our candidates now, in the primary, to ensure the Democrats are among the top vote-getters, or they will not even be on the ballot in the fall. Don’t let your Democratic candidates fail to get on the general election ballot! Your primary vote matters!


Tina and Heather are the only real, registered Democrats on the ballot. They’re qualified, local, experienced, and eager to serve our schools and community. Both superb candidates are in this race to push back on the Trump administration’s mission to destroy public education as we know it. If you want the transparency and accountability that come with having more than one party at the table, you must vote for Heather and Tina. Thanks for your support now and in the campaign for the general election! 

Top Ten Ways YOU Can Help Your Local Democratic Party

Everyone wants the Democratic Party to do more, be more, be better. But the Democratic Party is you! Unless we all help with this big lift, the same resources will get the same
results. How can you help the Democratic Party? Here’s a list of ten concrete, actionable ways you can contribute. 

10. VOTE. Always, always vote. Democrats may be better-informed, but we’re historically terrible at primaries and off-year elections. You know who’s good at perfect attendance? Republicans. They vote in rain, snow, hail, sleet, bad hair days, kid-forgot-lunch days, locust infestations, meh candidates, threats of zombie attack. And we need to, too. 

2017 PA Primary Election 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 16, 2018

If there’s any chance at all that you might be unable to get to the polls on primary election day, apply for an absentee ballot now! Complete instructions are found on the linked page. Whatever method you use, do not fail to VOTE! 

9. Walk. One of the most valuable actions you can take to help your local Democratic candidates is to walk them around your neighborhood and introduce them to your Democratic neighbors. We can provide a walk list, the candidates, and all the pro tips on this cornerstone of local activism. Just email EasttownDemocrats@gmail.com and let’s get started! 

8. Call. We always need helpers to call voters. Currently, we’re planning calls to remind voters to turn out for the primary and to invite them to our next fundraiser. We also need to recruit new committeepeople in Easttown Precinct 5. Best of all, you can make calls from your couch in bare feet! Want to put in a few hours on calls? Email EasttownDemocrats@gmail.com and we’ll set you up. 

7. For advanced users: serve as committeeperson. Committeepeople are the core elected body of the party. They have standing to vote on nominations and actions taken by the party. They represent their precinct and make sure their neighbors are informed about issues. Want to find out more about serving? Email EasttownDemocrats@gmail.com or ask any committeeperson and we’ll share more about what’s involved. 

6. Design. Are you a creative? Most local committees have a chronic need for talented people to help with mailings, palmcards, and other ways of communicating with voters. If you have skills in this area and would like to give some time to sharpen up Democratic materials, please contact EasttownDemocrats@gmail.com. 

5. Host. Did you know the iconic neighborhood coffee is still a thing? Invite local candidates and neighbors to your home so candidates can hear stakeholders’ concerns and voters can meet the candidates. If coffee’s not your jam, make it a tea party, or lemonade, or single malt. Whatever your style is, hosting a Democratic get-together is fun and important! Contact EasttownDemocrats@gmail.com for assistance with organizing your event.

4. Greet on election day. We always need friendly Democrats to be available for voters’ questions at the polls! You’re polite, personable, professional: put in a few hours saying hello to your neighbors and offering Democratic sample ballots. Email franreardo8@msn.com to get yourself scheduled for this important need. 

3. Clerical work. Not everyone loves the phones and the Democratic Party needs help from introverts, too! Email EasttownDemocrats@gmail.com and we’ll gladly add you to the list of helpers who can stuff envelopes, enter data, assemble streets lists, and moving all the other cogs that make the wheels turn. 

2. Donate. The Easttown Township Democratic Committee is still a small, scrappy party that gets a lot done on a very small budget with no administrative overhead. Having said that, we do want to support our local candidates with signs, literature, robo calls, postage, and an online presence. All these support efforts cost money. Donations of any size help immensely in our work to change from a Republican stronghold to a township where Democratic candidates really have a chance. Please give what you can! Checks written to the Easttown Township Democratic Committee may be sent to: Easttown Township Democratic Committee, P.O. Box 282, Devon, PA 19333. 

1. Attend monthly meetings and learn how to Democrat! We need YOU to be a part of our core group that works on all aspects of the local party. We work collaboratively and truly must have everyone’s input to take this party to the next level. Running a local party takes a lot of work. Please consider taking your frustration at the ongoing horror that is the new presidency and converting it to something positive by working with other Democrats to create change! Our next meeting is at 7:30, Thursday, May 18, at the Easttown Township Municipal Services Building, 566 Beaumont Road, Devon. Join us!